Case Studies

Each client situation is unique and requires a customized solution.
Our case studies illustrate the impact and the results
we help our clients achieve.

Industrial Goods & Services

Establishing a productive core in jet engine maintainance

Engine Shop took bold action to realign its cost and asset structure with a realistic view of product demand, and cut inventory by 40%.

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Consolidating launch vehicle production

How an aerospace company used a strategic alliance to consolidate production of launch vehicles, profitably.

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Restructuring the sales distribution of scooters

How Scooter Co. restructured its sales distribution network to defend against new entrants, implementing a leaner more profitable dealership footprint.

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Geographical expansion of a logistics company into a new market

Logistics Co. entered a new market by securing a stronghold, building advantage, and ultimately growing to market leadership.

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Gaining market dominance through innovation in CAD / CAM software in the cloud

By implementing a bold game-changing innovation strategy, CADCAM Co. established industry leadership and market dominance.

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Rationalizing business lines in satellite production

How Aerospace Co. reduced its cost structure and rationalized assets to remain competitive in a flat market by rationalizing business lines.

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Strategic account management to drive profitable growth in a global high tech company

Global High Tech Co. implemented strategic account management to reverse a steadily declining course of revenue, and increase profits.

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Growing revenue through improved sales force productivity in IT Services

How IT Services Co. improved the effectiveness of its sales force organization to drive growth.

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Private Equity

Strategic due diligence in logistics technology

Revealing that a target company that looked good on the outside would not be so right after the acquisition.

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Synergy estimation across pharmaceuticals and consumer products

Defining the strategic rationale for merging order management systems across seven divisions and quantifying the synergies.

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Driving strategy execution with strategic planning in IT Services

How IT Services Co. drove strategy execution by quickly getting the right strategic initiatives on the table, measured, planned, staffed, resourced, and committed-to, company-wide.

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Using strategic alliances to grow sales in wide area networking software

How a fast-growth high-tech company and primary innovator drove sales 10X in two years through multiple strategic alliances.

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