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March 2017

A strategic alliance is an important lever of corporate value creation. It leverages the capabilities of a partner company to take advantage of an attractive business opportunity that the firm would not be able to access otherwise on its own. This article discusses the benefits and the conditions that make a strategic alliance the appropriate course of action.

January 2017

Many M&A deals are premised on the value of synergies. In some cases, synergy targets can be as high as 30% to 70% to justify the deal. Yet synergies are often overvalued. Clearly, when that happens deals don’t live up to their promise and destroy significant shareholder value instead. We look at four best practices that get to the heart of common synergy valuation problems, and ensure that synergies are valued correctly.

March 2016

Revenue growth is the largest driver of shareholder value creation, yet most private equity firms rely on asset structure and cost reduction to add value. That doesn’t have to be the case. With a wide set of top-line initiatives at their disposal, private equity firms can unlock large benefits and realize the portfolio company’s full operational value.