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A Professional Guide to Business Strategy:
How to Maximize Clarity and ROI

This course is a practical resource on business strategy formulation, classic practices and techniques, and the latest thinking in the industry.

Properly devised strategy can be a company’s most valuable asset, creating lasting value and impregnable positions, strong enough to withstand fierce competition and the natural erosion of time and change. However, the reality is that more than 50% of strategies fail. Knowledge is more than power – it’s the difference between prospering and perishing.

The course draws on advanced practices that give management a wealth of practical information to help companies become more effective at building profitable and enduring strategies. The course covers three key areas:

  • Employing powerful analytics that take the right data cuts to get a clear view of the situation and get to the key strategic issues quickly and unequivocally
  • Sorting through the maze of market complexity and the chaos of information overload and sharpening your focus on what really matters
  • Having clear visibility of the business environment and how the company is positioned
  • Learning how to read hidden patterns and harness these concepts to drive competitively superior performance
    Getting to the core strategic issues that define the challenge with remarkable clarity
  • Developing superior creativity to formulate game-changing ideas for market power in launching initiatives, maintaining position, and defending profitable streams of cash flow
  • Generating new perspectives and increased creativity in planning for the future
  • Putting yourself into a structure of innovation and fresh thinking
  • Anticipating change and identifying strategies to put you ahead of customers and competitors
  • Detecting opportunities and making bold and decisive moves with creativity and confidence
  • Building a repertoire of profitable moves and countermoves based on proven experience
  • Using organizational judgment and sound decision making to select the winning strategy based on what will really work for your firm
  • Getting beyond obvious choices and addressing all strategic challenges comprehensively
  • Evaluating options for strategic merit, financial attractiveness and ease of implementation
  • Understanding the fine balance between external attractiveness and internal capability
  • Selecting strategies that your firm can afford and will be able to deliver
  • Synchronizing investment with return and providing the means to act before the ground shifts beneath you once again

The course is practical, understandable and actionable. It includes analytical techniques, insights, exercises, real-world case illustrations and examples from industry leaders, including Hewlett-Packard, Toyota, Heinz, Microsoft, American Express, and many others.