M&A and Private Equity Consulting

Given the high deal multiples and the large premium paid upfront, acquiring firms need to buy the right target at the right price.

We assist investors and portfolio companies during due diligence
and after deal closure. Our transaction support includes:

Our post-deal M&A and private equity consulting support includes:

How We Help

M&A Strategy

We help clients devise winning M&A strategies – preparing for bold moves that build shareholder value.

M&A Planning

We assist clients in planning successful M&A transactions– buying or selling the right target company to the right buyer at the right price.

Synergy Capture

Post acquisition, we help buyers achieve the full projected value of the synergy.

Strategic Planning

We help companies create strong ties between their strategies, their plans, and the targeted results.

Strategic Control

We help business leaders make course corrections as needed – by steering the company toward the intended strategic and operational goals in real time.

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Our Difference


We develop in-depth coverage of critical issues and objective, data-driven advice to address the interests of investors, business leaders, management, and shareholders.


We provide comprehensive strategic support to our clients from target screening and strategic due diligence to value improvement and strategic exit.


We move promptly to make sure we deliver on time and support deal execution as needed. After deal closing, we help our clients move quickly to create value.