Our Mission & Manifesto

Our mission is to help clients turn a business with great
potential into a business with great shareholder value
Everything we do serves this goal – and only this goal.

Our Manifesto

Ten principles of strategy and execution are at the heart of our work:

  • Strategy is about value creation and should always be grounded on financial impact
  • Implement strategy within six months of formulation, or not at all
  • Strategy requires a comprehensive view of the market and company economics
  • Focus on the core four or five issues that really matter
  • Superior strategy leads to game-changing ideas
  • Balance external attractiveness of strategy and internal company ability to deliver
  • Support each strategic option with a quantified business case
  • Execution is everything: without execution strategy is just a set of plans
  • Execution requires a disciplined approach with active management engagement
  • Time investments with returns to get started before the ground shifts again

Our Difference


We develop in-depth coverage of critical issues, use measurable data, gather relevant facts, survey markets, get to root causes and employ strong logic to enable objective views and sound decisions.


We field a small team of professionals with extensive track records of experience fully prepared to offer assistance from the start.


Ultimately everything we do must drive our clients to take action: i.e. make decisions, adopt new ways of managing their business, make improvements and create value.