Great Prairie Group’s Strategic Planning Audit is a quick check on your strategic planning process and execution.   The audit asks critical questions to evaluate areas of strength and weakness as well as help your team improve the success of your strategic planning initiatives.  These questions include the following:

  • What is our organization’s track record in planning and executing strategy?
  • How much value have we created through strategic planning in the last five years?
  • Is our business strategy clear, granular and achievable?
  • Will our strategy put us ahead of the competition and current trends?
  • What strategic and financial results are we targeting?
  • Will our strategic plan get us there?
  • Are our company’s strengths relevant in countering threats?
  • Are our company’s strengths relevant in taking advantage of opportunities?
  • Will our company’s weaknesses keep us from defending against threats?
  • Will our company’s weaknesses keep us from taking advantage of opportunities?
  • Are all critical success factors clearly identified and addressed head-on in the strategic plan?
  • Do we operate from a solid strategic plan that articulates smart initiatives?
  • Are initiatives specific, measurable, actionable, properly resourced and time bound?
  • Is each initiative supported by a quantified business case?
  • Do the initiatives address all key issues?
  • Are there no outstanding issues are left unresolved?
  • Is our strategic plan linked to the capital budgeting plan?
  • Is senior executive management involved?
  • Is the strategic plan shared with company-wide consensus?
  • Are the right people are assigned to the initiatives?
  • Are incentives aligned?
  • Are people committed and enthusiastic?
  • Will the financial impact create shareholder value?
  • If the strategic plan is carried out, will our strategy succeed?
  • How will the strategic plan be controlled?
  • What are the operational metrics?
  • What are the financial performance metrics?

The specificity of your answers will help you determine the level of strength of your strategic planning process.

Strategic Planning Process

Conferring the ability to execute strategy.

Strategic planning is the primary mechanism for executing a company’s strategy. It translates strategy formulation to the execution of thousands of decisions and actions across the organization every day – from the executives in the C-suite to the employees on the front line in the field.

Mastering strategic planning confers the ability to execute strategy, without it strategy fails. Strategic planning is not only extremely important to a company, but ultimately it is vital to the sustainability of its business. Getting strategic planning right presents a huge payoff:

  • the pursuit of powerful strategic moves,
  • flexibility when confronted with rapidly changing markets, and
  • empowerment of employees across the organization.


The Challenge. Companies that create strong ties between their strategies, their plans, and, ultimately, their results experience a significant value multiplier effect. Yet strategic planning is where companies struggle and where results are less than encouraging. Most businesses derive less than 40% of the value of their strategies. More than 60% of the value evaporates in flawed execution. For most companies, the typical strategic planning process is an annual over-bureaucratic exercise that fails to deliver on its promise.

How We Help

We assist clients in two aspects of the strategic planning process, including design to execution.

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