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June 2017

Accountability is the foundation that defines how we commit to activities, track our performance, behave in a team, relate when mishaps occur, and the level of responsibility we take for getting things […]

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November 2016

The costs associated with organizational alignment deal with two functions:  coordination and administration.  Coordination costs include resources dedicated to facilitating information sharing, knowledge transfer, and communication.  These resources may comprise teams, committees, […]

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May 2016

The decisions involved in the execution of strategy usually require the organizational alignment of many people.  For large organizations, the responsibilities of decision-making can span several departments working in collaboration.  Lack of […]

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April 2016

Organizational alignment can help with the execution of strategy.  A well-designed organization typically aims for a lean structure that can reflect the strategy closely.  The lean organizational design builds on few management […]

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November 2015

A company’s organizational alignment to its strategy depends largely on management’s ability to access information to make decisions and take action. Clearly, without access to the right information, the organization cannot operate […]

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September 2015

Organizational alignment needs to satisfy two performance objectives.  The first is to adapt the organization to the market and its ever-changing conditions. We refer to this objective as market adaptation.  In addition, […]

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