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September 2017

Companies are squeezed for profits all the time. Pressure comes from multiple fronts: customers have more information making pricing more transparent; product proliferation is increasing cost to serve; globalization is creating a […]

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July 2017

The phenomenon of digitization has expanded its impact broadly and deeply across all industries. Digital value chains, e-businesses, smart products, smart machines, and the “internet of things” have disrupted brick-and-mortar businesses and […]

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May 2017

Growth strategy is paramount because companies generate shareholder value through profitable growth. The market rewards companies that deliver profitable growth above the median of the S&P 500. However, corporate leaders are met […]

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February 2017

A natural tension exists between strategic management and financial management of a company. Both aim at maximizing the shareholder value of the firm but differ in their approach. Strategic management considers the […]

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January 2017

Many M&A deals are premised on the value of synergies. In some cases, synergy targets can be as high as 30% to 70% to justify the deal. Yet synergies are often overvalued. Clearly, when that happens deals don’t live up to their promise and destroy significant shareholder value instead. We look at four best practices that get to the heart of common synergy valuation problems, and ensure that synergies are valued correctly.

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