How We Work

Strategy formulation and strategy execution are unique processes.
They require action on the core issues, powerful analytics,
and client collaboration.

What Happens on a typical project

During our first meeting or phone call, and prior to any engagement, we will simply listen to you. We want to listen to your story to see what you see. We might probe for clarification, spot hidden assumptions, keep asking for more detail if necessary, and probably ask you how you think we might be of help.

Our second step is to arrive at an accurate statement of the problem with you, which is halfway to the solution. This step involves identifying the essence of the issues at hand, whether hidden, critical, fundamental or all three. Our objective is to define and agree on the “core” of the problem, which defines a common starting point.

At this point, we will want to concretize a specific vision and options for you to choose from. We will want to answer the following questions with you:

  • What are we aiming for here?
  • What will it look like when we get there?
  • How will we know we are there?

This step articulates the objective, i.e. something that attainable with real effort.

We will point out what is necessary to solve the problem and different options to get there. We will prepare an engagement plan. We will work with you to identify what it will take to get things done, what information we will need, who from your organization will join in the process and key deadlines. We will prepare a work plan outlining the effort required to get you to your objectives as quickly as possible.

Fundamental Tools

We use fundamental analytical tools to make strategy formulation
and strategy execution as clear, systematic and
as actionable as possible.

Our Difference


We spend time to listen, understand, envisage and conceptualize to get an accurate read of our clients’ goals and challenges – then we commit.


In our experience, the core of the problem is defined by four or five issues that really matter: this is where value is found and this is where we focus.


We move quickly on the core issues and assist clients to improve business performance in urgent, high- impact situations.