Why Clients Choose Us

Clients typically contact us for one of two reasons.
Either they are facing a complex strategic challenge
crossing over several functions, or they want to
move on an ambitious project aggressively.


Companies buy management consulting services for several reasons

  • Subject-matter knowledge
  • Process expertise
  • Methodologies and frameworks
  • External perspective and objectivity
  • Available skilled resources
  • Project leadership
  • Risk mitigation


However, over time companies grow increasingly uncomfortable with hiring consultants due to many factors:

  • The expensive leverage model of large consulting teams
  • Client projects serving as training grounds for junior consultants
  • An inherent bias of large consulting firms that seek to sustain growth through continued sales at the client’s expense
  • Limited knowledge transfer
  • Long time horizons before seeing benefit
  • A self-serving interest of some consulting firms in pushing products, services or solutions
  • Large cash outlays, expensive project budgets
  • Lack of sufficient commitment to a common goal


Executive Issues and Concerns Our Service Model
Large cash outlays, expensive project budgets Superior economics - we are generally 50% to 60% more cost effective than our equivalents
Fatigue over large-scale change programs and never-ending consulting projects Strong focus on client satisfaction - we favor smaller, more discrete initiatives that yield results more quickly
Increased need for a general management perspective on complex business issues rather than narrow functional expertise Experienced-based experts - we deploy a small team of senior experts
Short timeframes for decision making and results Comprehensive project intervention - we help execute multiple moves quickly and simultaneously
Limited knowledge transfer Shared knowledge - we hold seminars, work alongside our client and client reams, and share knowledge
Need for better balance between analysis and experience-based know how in developing and executing strategy Distinctive emphasis on high-value results - we focus on execution and results, and drive for impact.
Insufficient commitment to a common end goal Performace-based compensation - where appropriate, we tie compensation to the value achieved by our client