Why We Are Different

The Challenge

1 Maximize Value Created

Maximize Value Created

A company must earn a return well above the cost of capital for meaningful financial performance – i.e., economic profit. Meeting this objective requires the dual capability of attaining high profitability in conjunction with high asset utilization.

2 Achieve Superior Value Growth

Achieve Superior Value Growth

The value the company generates must achieve superior growth – i.e., the company must grow economic profit faster than the industry’s, as indexed by corresponding equity markets. Anything less will eventually set the company further back.

Our Difference

Great Prairie Group differentiates itself in three ways in helping
companies meet this challenge.

Focused actions, not large scale transformations

We assist clients in focused strategic actions that leverage the company’s capabilities and not large-scale programs.  We serve this way:

Strategy and execution

We specialize in strategy formulation and execution to hone our competence and avoid diluting our core capability.  As a result, we can help clients achieve critical objectives.

Objective perspective

Objectivity is critical to overcome institutional bias and avoid ethical conflicts.  We ensure objectivity by adhering to important safeguards.


What is your current position?
Strong Defend
Secure two or more
strategic control points
Pursue growth initiatives leveraging strategic control points
Weak Recover
Redesign the
business model
- or exit
Reduce Costs
Reduce costs and
manage cash flow
Weak Strong
What strategic action do you want to accomplish?
How we help