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Sustained Value Creation

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Companies prosper when they create real economic value.
They create economic value by making smart strategic choices, investing capital at rates exceeding their cost of capital, and growing from there.

Management Consulting

We provide strategic and management consulting to drive significant return and accelerate growth.

Strategy & Corporate Finance

Drive strategic actions that increase economic profit and accelerate growth.

Strategy Execution

Make strategy work.

What Makes us different


Strategy and corporate finance specialization

We specialize in strategy and corporate finance to hone our competence and avoid diluting our core capability.  As a result, we can help clients achieve critical objectives.

Critical objectives we help to achieve

  • Maximize economic profit – the difference between the return a company earns and its cost of capital
  • Grow economic profit faster than corresponding financial markets
  • Get behind external growth waves, including trends, industry shifts, and economic cycles
  • Identify, measure, forecast granular markets where to compete
  • Access privileged competitive intelligence
  • Improve and leverage the company’s true cost position relative to its competitors
  • Lock in the strategic control points to dominate the market
  • Ensure commitment and rapid execution
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Focused strategic action, not functional point solutions

We assist clients in focused strategic action that leverage the company’s capabilities and not functional point solutions.

How we serve:

  • Distinct engagement with defined scope
  • Resolution of complex, pressing business challenges
  • No involvement in point solutions without regard to context or related issues
  • Focus on the 3 to 5 critical issues that matter
  • Small, highly-experienced team, subject matter experts
  • Directors fully immersed in problem solving
  • Immediate engagement
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Lean team structure of experts by design

Our lean team structure confers speed and value to our clients, including

  • Rapid deployment
  • Close touch
  • Clear visibility into our work
  • Fast pace
  • Lower cost

By implication, a lean team requires experienced, highly-skilled consultants – not large pyramids of juniors in training. We are experienced practitioners.

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Strategies focused on maximizing business value.

Financial results that impact value, investments, and performance.

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