Great Prairie Group, LLC is strongly committed to protecting the privacy of its clients.

Information We Collect

Nonpublic company information is any information that we obtain about your company in the course of providing management consulting services. Nonpublic company information may be obtained from several sources, including:

• The information which you supply to us during the course of our providing you services;
• The normal procedures involved in providing you management consulting services; or
• Other sources, such as any city, county, state or federal governmental agency

Our Safeguard Procedures

We enforce strict control over your nonpublic company information and limit access to those involved in providing services related to the management consulting services, which we render to you, or on your behalf. We have developed procedural and contractual safeguards to secure the confidentiality of information; we evaluate these on an ongoing basis.

Information We Disclose

Great Prairie Group, LLC does not disclose any nonpublic company information about its customers or former customers to anyone, except as permitted or required by law.

Privacy Commitment

We understand the importance of protecting your private information. Our highest priority is to maintain your trust and confidence. We disclose information we collect as necessary to provide the services you have requested from us, and to make available to you, new products designed to meet your needs. We maintain our commitment to safeguarding this information now and in the future.