We are senior experts who work
alongside clients on complex projects

Our Leadership

Luca Ottinetti

Managing Director

Bain alum, Wharton MBA


Mark Fogel


Bain alum, Wharton MBA

San Diego

Bill Angeloni

Strategic Advisor

Kearney alum, Kellogg MBA

San Francisco

Anita Tang

Strategic Advisor

Royal Roots, Kellogg MBA

Chicago, Beijing

How we work with you

We offer two different approaches to maximize value
creation and better suit our clients’ needs.

1 Modern Approach

Engage one of us to co-lead the project and guide your team. We share our expertise and work through the project with you, including jointly defining objectives and critical issues to overcome, work planning, analyses, methodologies, training, insight formulation, and arriving at solutions together. The goal is to transfer our know-how to create maximum value for your company and make your team independent.

2 Urgent Resolution

Engage us as a small team of senior experts to conduct the project end to end. Our work includes diagnosing the situation and the core issues, jointly defining objectives, taking baseline measurements, data and fact finding, analyses, insight derivation, formulation of solution options, measurement of financial impact, and recommendations. This complete approach is particularly well-suited for situations that require fast resolution.

Our Values

Our focus is exclusively on the client, and no other agenda. Anything less violates our right to offer advice.

We consider clarity of thought to be the single most important trait in our work.

  • start without preconceived notions
  • understand the basics at a very fundamental level
  • stick to first principles

We maintain our client’s information confidential to protect their interest and safeguard our objectivity.

Trust is fundamental to success in our business, which means we must be transparent, objective, reliable and congruent, and uphold integrity.

We don’t seek the limelight. We focus on doing what is best for the client and leave our egos at the door.

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