Expansion in the global market
of mobile phone security

The company was the third-largest cybersecurity provider globally, with over $1 Billion in annual revenues. Revenue growth had stagnated in the mobile phone security division, as customers were defecting from the division’s core services to more specialized “point solutions.” As a publicly-traded company on the Nikkei exchange, management was under intense pressure to address flat growth in the division and establish a stable growth trajectory.

  • Accelerated the division’s revenue growth to over 30% globally, amounting to $100 million in absolute terms
  • Simultaneously improved gross margins by 5% through up-selling and cross-selling to the current customer base, while reducing customer churn
  • Launched a new mobile security solution globally and achieved over 4X the first quarter’s revenue target
  • Restructured and signed up several new partnership agreements with tier-one mobile phone OEMs, computer hardware manufacturers, and managed service providers, integrating core security components into their solution offerings.

• Analyzed the division, including its financial performance, market performance, contracts, customer defections, and product performance.


• Assumed executive leadership of the division, with full P&L responsibility and direction of over 80 personnel globally, including

  • product management,
  • product marketing,
  • engineering, and
  • sales.

• Identified the factors driving customer defections and the evolving new purchased criteria for selecting security “point solutions,” replacing core offerings by several defecting customers.


• Developed new sales engagement programs to address potential customer churn in advance of license renewal deadlines.


• Established new cross-selling and up-selling promotions and packages driving annual revenue growth to 30% and improving margins by 5%.


• Launched a new mobile security solution.


• Closed a massive integration deal with a tier-one smartphone OEM, preloading a solution in every smartphone sold within Taiwan.


• Also closed strategic alliances with other mobile phone OEMs, computer hardware manufacturers, and managed service providers.


• As the solution also addressed malware for Chinese language users, expanded the solution to the addressable market in mainland China.


• Revenues exceed 400% of the target within the first 90 days and expanded from there.