Industrial Goods & Services

Every manufacturing segment is contending with challenges of
unprecedented complexity, with established business models
continuing to yield low returns.

We help companies get beyond the limits of their established business programs.
We provide support to select what markets to serve with what products, anticipate
and defend against competitive threats, and capitalize on opportunity.


Rationalizing product lines and establishing a productive core in jet engine maintenance

Engine Shop took bold action to realign its cost and asset structure with a realistic view of product demand, and cut inventory by 40%.

Leading active industry consolidation in launch vehicle production

How an aerospace company used a strategic alliance to consolidate production of launch vehicles, profitably.

Restructuring the sales distribution of scooters

How Scooter Co. restructured its sales distribution network to defend against new entrants, implementing a leaner more profitable dealership footprint.

Geographical expansion of a logistics company into a new market

Logistics Co. entered a new market by securing a stronghold, building advantage, and ultimately growing to market leadership.