Private Equity

Strategy and execution support.

With the large acquisition premiums paid upfront, firms need to buy at the right price,
generate value quickly, and sustain value creation over the long term.

Strategic focus on four phases of the investment process.

How We Help

Case Studies

Strategic due diligence in logistics technology

Revealing that a target company that looked good on the outside would not be so right after the acquisition.

Synergy estimation across pharmaceuticals and consumer products

Defining the strategic rationale for merging order management systems across seven divisions and quantifying the synergies.

Driving strategy execution with strategic planning in IT Services

How IT Services Co. drove strategy execution by quickly getting the right strategic initiatives on the table, measured, planned, staffed, resourced, and committed-to, company-wide.

Expansion in the global market of Wide Area Network software

How a fast-growth high-tech company and primary innovator drove sales 10X in two years through multiple strategic alliances.