Corporate Portfolio Management

Create value greater than the sum of the parts

Corporate portfolio management can add 5% to 10% or more to the Return on Capital of the corporation and free up resources for growth investments by leveraging synergies across the portfolio. However, that doesn’t always happen. Multi-business companies face complex challenges in managing their corporate portfolio: they silo SBU planning, sub-optimize resource allocation, disconnect R&D planning, or miss potential market opportunities.

Are you experiencing these issues?

Business units
not aligned to
corporate strategy

Primary focus on
short-term financial

Lack of long-term
corporate direction
and objectives

Strategic investments
not gaining traction

Limited growth

Low financial

These symptoms arise when corporations set independent SBU plans or get caught in a cycle where long-term planning and investment become continuously sacrificed for short-term financial goals. Whichever the case, the company must reverse the process.

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Key Figures


Ave. number of strategic
business units in the portfolio


Ave. ROCE improvement for
the corporate portfolio


Range of forward-looking
years of the corporate
portfolio strategy