Strategic Alliance Support

Capture business opportunities through collaboration

Strategic alliances are termed “strategic” because they solve major strategic challenges where traditional strategies are less effective – all the more reason they are attractive and why they have risen worldwide.

With the globalization of markets and the imperative of technological innovation, companies find themselves needing to marshal new capabilities and doing so quickly. Leveraging partner firms allows companies to focus on their core competencies and access capabilities as needed – from research and development to manufacturing processes, from distribution to marketing and sales.

However, as useful as strategic alliances have become, the reality is that establishing and operating an effective strategic alliance is a challenge to make it work. Strategic alliances have roughly a 50% rate of success.

Our approach to strategic alliances provides the strategic fact base for management to make confident decisions about partnering and the execution support to help structure and manage the partnership to make the strategic alliance a success.

The Results You Can Expect


How We Help

We assist clients in achieving the objectives of a strategic alliance.

We provide a comprehensive set of services to ensure that the strategic alliance performs.

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Alliance Strategy

We help companies examine the strategic rationale for the alliance. We evaluate the market attractiveness and the financial merit of the alliance opportunity ...

Alliance Strategy

Examination of the rationale for a strategic alliance, including objectives, major issues, resources, capabilities, and strategic fit. Evaluation of the market attractiveness and the financial merit of a strategic alliance opportunity; assessment of the firm’s ability to capitalize on it, and determination of the appropriate strategic course of action for the business to secure a defensible market position with a solid strategic alliance.

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Partner Assessment

We help management create a preliminary partner list, identify key partner criteria, screen the number of candidates down to a short list ...

Partner Assessment

Determination of the most appropriate partner based on the alliance strategy. Analysis includes creation of an initial partner list, identification of partner criteria, screening to a preferred short partner list, preliminary interviews, a prioritized list of partners, and convergence to partner selection.

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Negotiation Support

We support clients in identifying the type of alliance, targeting the alliance-specific critical success factors, measuring the expected cost/value ratio ...

Negotiation Support

Identifying the type of alliance, targeting the critical success factors specific to the type of alliance, measuring the expected cost/value ratio for the alliance.

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Alliance Structure

We guide clients in developing the relationship vision, the joint go-to-market model, the governance structure, a balanced set of performance metrics ...

Alliance Structure

Guidance of the core processes for establishing and operating the alliance, including the following:

  • relationship vision
  • joint go-to-market model
  • governance structure
  • balanced set of performance metrics
  • performance objectives
  • joint relationship development plan
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Alliance Performance Analysis

We support companies in assessing the individual alliance relationship, characteristics, critical success factors, and operating principles ...

Alliance Performance Analysis

Assessment of the individual alliance relationship, characteristics, critical success factors and operating principles. Evaluation of what is going well, what is going badly, and what the company would have to do to improve.