Technology industries share unique
challenges as their business environment
is in a constant state of high flux.

We help companies at all stages of the life-cycle spectrum.
We assist clients in their aim to create change or
adapt to it, whichever the case may be.

Six major forces drive change.

Case Studies

Gaining market dominance through innovation in CAD / CAM software in the cloud

By implementing a bold game-changing innovation strategy, CADCAM Co. established technology leadership and market dominance.

Reducing lines of business and improving G&A efficiency in satellite production

How Aerospace Co. reduced its cost structure and rationalized assets to remain competitive in a flat market by rationalizing business lines.

Strategic account management for profitable growth in a high tech firm

Global High Tech Co. implemented strategic account management to reverse a steadily declining course of revenue, and increase profits.

Growing revenue through improved sales force productivity in IT Services

How IT Services Co. improved the effectiveness of its sales force organization to drive growth.