Defensive Business Strategy:
How to Fend Off Competitive Attacks

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Defensive Business Strategy

How to Fend Off Competitive Attacks

The more successful your business, the more likely it will come under attack as competitors will try to take a piece of the action.

Growth strategy and defensive business strategy are separate pursuits that require different actions. Without a robust defensive business strategy, companies that come under attack become vulnerable to severe damage.

Failing a defensive business strategy is not option because it risks losing customers, profits, market share, and even put the entire company at risk.

Defensive business strategy demands the firm to secure the relevant strategic control points. Creating a robust defensive business strategy requires deep planned out thinking and a distinct set of activities.

What You Will Learn

  • How to assess threats that come up
  • Essential considerations in formulating the right response
  • The five steps involved in building a strong defense based on the right strategic control point
  • Early warnings for detection when scanning the environment for threats

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