Digital Strategy:
From Physical to Digital

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Digital Strategy

From Physical to Digital

The digital economy has created a new basis of competition driven by the Internet: e-business. New models of wealth creation have emerged that get to the core of the business. These models change the requirements of the customer, the speed of action, and the rules of competition.

Firms struggle with their e-business initiatives when they use electronic tools as one offs. These include e-commerce, digital products and services, next-generation customer relationship management, enterprise resource planning, Internet-enabled supply chain management, and much more.

Successful companies realize that they need a strategic foundation that can support and integrate electronic initiatives into a coherent design. To overcome serious missteps, it helps to have a clear understanding of basic steps, the challenges, and a proven path to success.

What You Will Learn

  • How to asses the impact of digitization in your industry
  • How to identify digital threats and opportunities key to your company
  • How to convert the firm’s physical design to a digital architecture
  • How to prioritize and select urgent and important e-initiatives

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