Strategic Controls:
Steering through Obstacles

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Strategic Controls:  Steering through Obstacles

An essential tool for strategy execution

Strategy execution requires strategic controls.  Even the best-laid plans can go off course.  Deviations happen all the time and obstacles can come up unexpectedly to slow down or derail the project.

Thus, the ability to steer through obstacles is essential in navigating the situation while driving strategy execution.  This becomes even more the case the longer the proejct takes to complete.  Managers often ask the following questions:

  • How can we predict all the things that can go wrong during strategy execution?
  • What should we protect against?
  • What controls we can use?
  • How do we put these in place?

What You Will Learn

  • The vital checkpoints of the strategy execution process
  • What types of strategic controls are available
  • The success requirements imposed on the business

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