M&A Strategy:
Unlock Multiples of Value

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M&A Strategy

Unlock Multiples of Value

Mergers and acquisitions represent attractive opportunities for business expansion to achieve long-term growth objectives.  They are also used to balance the corporate business portfolio to extract significant value.  It is a known fact, however, that half of M&A deals fail to deliver on their promise.

M&A strategy considerably improves the odds of success of the deal.  M&A strategy concerns aligning the firm’s strategic goals with the process of generating M&A transactions.  The core logic is that transactions should be conducted only if they improve the strategic position of the firm.  Therefore, M&A strategy probes the strategic rationale and the validity of the transaction.

What You Will Learn

  • The method involved in formulating M&A strategy
  • The nine most common strategic rationales for M&A deals
  • How to determine the logic and the validity of the deal

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