Business Growth

Accelerate profitable growth over the next five years

Delivering annual business growth of 5% to 10% or faster than the market for the next three to five years can be a tough challenge. Whether riding a favorable market, exploiting innovation, leveraging competitive advantage, expanding in new geographies, or any other means – growth engines eventually run out of steam.

Are you experiencing these issues?

Lack of clarity of
where to compete

Absence of privileged
market insight

Scattered attempts
against imprecise
target opportunities

Not building on business
strengths or competitive

Non-bankable growth projections

Uncertainty, lack of commitment or
assigned resources

Any of these issues flag the need for a robust growth strategy based on actionable market intelligence and precise knowledge. Business growth takes one of two strategies.

Such exploitation can involve new technology, new products, cost leadership against competitors, a lock on the delivery system, control of the value chain, and many other forms of advantage. What is particularly important is to deploy this advantage in growing markets.

This strategy functions on investments above the level of what regular market growth requires, with the aim of strengthening market position. Investments fund activities such as new market entry, channel expansion, regional or global expansion, penetration of new customer segments, gain in share of customer spend, product development (next generation, complements, support services), expanding steps in the value chain, and increased marketing and sales.

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Client Results


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Select Cases

Global market expansion of virtual network services through strategic alliances

Under mounting pressure to grow sales, with our help, Virtual Network Service ProviderCo designed and executed a strategy for global expansion. The company expanded from managed service to a full

Entry into the French market of refrigerated logistics through acquisition

Refrigerated LogisticsCo needed to enter France - a monopoly market in frozen logistics - to connect its European network. We helped design an entry strategy based on acquiring two companies

Market penetration into small-customer segment of lift trucks through organic development

For Lift Truck DistributorCo operating in a flat market, we helped penetrate the small-customer segment. Given the fragmented nature of suppliers, the company took several steps: established a nationwide network