Corporate Growth

Set corporate growth over the next five to ten years

Long-term growth of 7% to 10% per year for the next five to ten years presents a formidable challenge that directly impacts the company’s financial performance. Whether managing a corporate portfolio, exploiting proprietary technology, relying on favorable markets, or any other means – eventually, growth tapers off. Then what?

Are you experiencing these issues?

Lack of clear corporate
value-creation insights
and corporate direction

Business units pursuing
independent paths, no
unifying direction

Promising acquisitions
and ventures ending in

Industry facing uncertainty
due to maturity, decline,
rapid technological change
or disruption

Vague or outdated
corporate strategy, not
competitively viable

Absence of corporate
advantage or corporate

These issues point to a need to address long-term corporate growth - a target objective different from short-term business growth that represents separate challenges, involves specific levers, and requires distinct management levels.

For a $1 billion company, 7% annual revenue growth for five years means increasing revenue by $400 million. For a $10 billion company, 7% annual revenue growth for five years requires increasing revenue by $4 billion. Where will this growth come from? The answer is not apparent.

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Client Results


Ave. long-term growth identified
for our clients


Total innovation investments
covered in our projects


Range of forward-looking years
of the corporate strategy

Select Cases

Breakthrough software drives market leadership in the cloud

For SoftwareCo, we assessed the strategic rationale and financial attractiveness of breakthrough technology of putting their software on the cloud, resulting in 16% CAGR over a 10-year horizon, cashflow positivity

Strategic alliance to co-develop microchip and drive company sales

With our help, Computer ManufacturerCo re-structured a strategic alliance with a leading microchip manufacturer to co-develop the next-generation chip. The new microchip achieved a 15% revenue CAGR and 30% share

A re-focused business model for an IT service supplier to drive sales

Amid mounting pressure to unlock growth opportunities, we worked closely with leadership to refocus the business model of IT ServiceCo from 18 SBUs to five, freeing up capital to pursue