Market Entry Strategy

Securing a stronghold and leveraging this position for growth

Market entry strategy is the most important success factor in entering a new market. It provides the approach for establishing a market stronghold and leveraging relevant strategic control points for sustainable value growth. It also sets the stage for all subsequent decisions and actions.

Companies attempt to enter new markets all the time, yet only one in four is successful in doing so. Failure in most cases carries devastating implications that extend far beyond the targeted market opportunity because it costs millions of dollars, and it puts the reputation of the firm is at stake.

Are you experiencing these issues?

Entering a new market requires precise information often approximated or left unchecked.

Inscrutable markets,
difficult to quantify.

Segmentation that
doesn’t disclose
underserved markets.

Scattershot value
proposition against
imprecise targets.

Little or no knowledge
about local competitive

achievable share.

Non-bankable revenue

Any of these issues flag the lack of market intelligence necessary to guide a successful market entry.

Our Approach

Our approach to market entry strategy delivers the market intelligence and the objective validation necessary for management to make confident strategic decisions and important investments.

We take a deep dive into the market, build bottom-up data sets of all players – customers and competitors alike – and construct a map of the total addressable market and the current competitive system.

The Results You Can Expect

  • Clarity of market situation
  • Identification of attractive market segments
  • Assessment of competitive dynamics
  • Identification of the relevant strategic control points
  • Break down of operating costs, risk, and investments
  • Quantification of value growth

How We Help

We assist clients to enter various types of new markets.

We offer a comprehensive set of services to get there.

Icon for Opportunity Assessment

Opportunity Assessment

We help evaluate the market attractiveness and the financial merit of entering a new market. We conduct a ten-point list of tests and analyses ...

Opportunity Assessment

We evaluate the market attractiveness and financial merit of entering a new market, including the following analyses:

  • Market break down by relevant segments, sizing and growth
  • Basis of differentiation
  • Design of value proposition
  • Cost structure
  • Competitive dynamics
  • Strategic market entry options
  • Internal capabilities of the firm
  • Required investments
  • Cash flow and risk
  • Financial attractiveness

This work results in the most appropriate strategic course of actions for the company to capitalize on the market entry opportunity and secure a defensible market position.

Icon for Customer Analysis

Customer Analysis

We assist clients in capturing customer inputs vital to the success of market entry. Our analysis identifies target areas of opportunity where segments are underserved ...

Customer Analysis

The concept of entering a new market requires understanding the customer base that the firm intends to serve.

We assist clients in capturing valuable customer inputs vital to success, including the following:

  • How customers are being served in the current market by current companies
  • What solutions customers request
  • What they value
  • Where customers are being underserved
  • Identification of outcomes that are already over-served and not worthy of further focus
  • Discovery of segments of opportunity where customers are being under-served
  • Identification of which customers to serve
  • Deciding on valued product features and which points of difference to focus
  • Designing winning value propositions

This line of analysis serves to validate and refine the target areas of opportunity as well as the product and service offerings.

Icon for Competitive Evaluation

Competitive Evaluation

We help clients capture competitive intelligence to think several moves ahead of the competition. Our work helps the new entrant navigate the market ...

Competitive Evaluation

The largest obstacle to overcome in entering a new market are existing competitors already in the field serving customers.

We help clients capture valuable competitive intelligence to think several moves ahead of the competition, including the following:

  • Define how the market breaks down by competitor
  • Identify the relevant strategic groups
  • Zero in on direct key competitors
  • Understand how they compete currently and their strategic direction
  • Define a competitive position for the firm that is unique and valued
  • Design intelligent solutions to take that position
  • Determine how key competitors will respond
  • Predetermine winning counter-responses

This work helps the new entrant navigate the market, identify effective points of entry, and secure relevant strategic control points to build a defensible market position.

Icon for Channel Analysis

Channel Analysis

We help management examine the channel network in the new market and plan their get-to-market strategies. Our support helps clients navigate and secure the relevant control points ...

Channel Analysis

Getting to market often requires securing channels of distribution. That said, the new entrant may find not only that channels might not be available, but that incumbents will seize on the opportunity to lock up the distribution to keep the firm out of the market.

We help clients understand the current distribution network and plan get-to-market strategies for successful market entry. We provide the following assistance:

  • Segmentation of channel design by service outputs
  • Analysis of channel flows and efficiency
  • Evaluation of channel structure and intensity of coverage
  • Examination of the competition
  • Identification of channel gaps to meet target segments’ needs
  • Designation of strategic channel options

This type of support helps clients navigate the distribution network and secure the relevant control points to establish channel power.

How We Have Helped Clients

Entry into the French Market of Refrigerated Logistics.

Secured top 2 market position in three years.

Expansion into the Global Market of Wide Area Network Software.

Drove sales 5X in two years through strategic alliances.

Market Penetration in the Small Customer Segment of Lift Trucks.

Generated 8% organic growth in a flat market.

Entry into the U.S. Market of Leisure Boats.

Entered 3 segments by licensing hull technology to leading competitors.